About Us

Hast means hand and kala means craft. So, Hastkala means handcrafted. I use paper quilling as my medium to make greeting cards, affirmation cards, wall art, ornaments, and desk stationery. I started quilling a few years ago as a hobby but slowly realized that quilling brought me peace and calm like nothing else. After a stressful day, nothing made me happier or more peaceful than quilling. 

In May 2020, my almost 4-year old niece asked me to send flowers on paper to her mother. Seeing the happiness on her face when she received the paper quilled flowers for her mother as a Mother's Day gift made me think that may be I could do this and bring smiles to other little (and not so little people) as well. She gave me the idea to turn my passion into a business.

Once I got hooked onto the idea of turning my passion into business, I started thinking about how I could use this platform to help others and give back to the community. Thus, was born the social enterprise, Hastkala. Through Hastkala I support immigrant and refugee women access education and training so they can be gainfully employed.